This is the official Nebula API document, and will be continuously updated.

API Introduction

Welcome to Nebula API!

This is the official Nebula API document, and will be continuously updating. All changes are available in Change Log section.

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  • Aggregative Order Book (Order Book) is a solution within , which provides services for Clients for professional trading. It allows Clients to view liquidity, place orders, cancel orders and view order status.

  • Client / User is a company, institution, or high-volume trader (Broker, Bank, Payment System, Trade institution, etc)

  • Liquidity — current open orders (order book) from liquidity providers, which may be filled by Client’s orders based on his trading terms.

  • Provider is an external business entity that Aggregator can use to place orders and view liquidity. Order is a Client’s instruction to Order Book to buy or sell something on Client’s behalf.


  • Liquidity aggregation from all network participants

  • Simplified price discovery

  • One account

  • One API with easy integration

  • One partner for fiat settlements

  • Physical delivery of cryptocurrencies online

Clients, Providers and Liquidity

Clients get the access to all providers or other network participants and their liquidity inside one platform via fast API or user interface.

Aggregative Order Book

Nebula aggregates all liquidity in one place offering you best price, not just routing your order to one of the exchanges. You completely gain directly access to whole market with any order.

The single wallet

The funds are debited centrally and directly upon execution of the order. You do not need to preallocate funds to each provider participating in the network.

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